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Tooth Monster Pro is a new app for the iPad created by “Jini Bini” that teaches kids how to brush their teeth while all the while trying to entertain them too. This review is on the paid hd version of the application but their is also free lite version as well for those on a budget. This application is educational, cute, and fun for kids. It’s a little annoying for parents after the first few times through it but in the end it’s worth it to help the little ones learn how to brush their teeth. And lets be honest most of the games for children are somewhat annoying for parents that’s why they are for kids and not parents.

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Brushing Teeth

Most dentists will tell people that not only is it important to brush their teeth after every meal, it’s also important to brush them correctly when they do it. There are many different techniques people use but most of them are learned later in life after they are adults. Tooth Monster HD teaches children the correct way to brush the outside, inside, back teeth, and tongue while all the while keeping kids attention and making it seem fun and interactive. I think this part of the app is great and very helpful for kids.

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how to brush teeth Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek tries to teach kids all about what happens in the mouth after kids eat their food. This game is sort of a “Where’s Waldo” type of game where the player looks for different types of food items in each picture. Each picture is a representation of what happens during the meal inside the mouth. There’s the meal, the mouth and teeth, how food is broken down into particles, then the plaque build up in the mouth, then what happens to the plaque after you brush them away. It’s quite a nice game but i’m not sure how educational this part is. However it’s very entertaining and my daughter (4 years old) seemed to like it very much.

The Plaque War

The plaque war is a game that teaches children all about plaque build up on teeth by playing a game where plaque starts attacking the teeth food particles and then start leaving “poo” piles which turn into plaque and cause further damage. The players missions is to brush out those food particles and the poo the plaque left behind. It’s a cute game but i’m a little disturbed the use of the term “plaque poo”. I’m not sure I would like my children playing with an app that discusses having poo in their mouths. On the other hand that was enough to give me pause and cause me to start brushing better. I’m not sure if the damage is caused by poo or not but it’s gross either way.

The Cavity Fighters and the Plaque Kingdom

This part of the app is a story that basically covers all the facets of proper dental hygiene This tells the complete story about how people should brush after each meal, and keep things clean. This is the story about Jini and Bini and how they were going from a planet called meal and headed for a planet called body. From their they make their way into the mouth, get washed down the throat, and get taken down to the amazing inner body. After that the plaque monsters move in from outer space and begin to start to multiply and cause more trouble. This story is cute, a little long, and somewhat disgusting at times with it’s reference to plaque poo. I’m sorry but the idea of poo in my mouth doesn’t make me want to read it more than once.

It’s a little gross. Maybe thats the point? If that’s the case then it worked. Parents can also record their voice for the story so kids can hear a familiar voice when they play it back. A very nice touch in my opinion.

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