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Creating membership sites is a great business idea that can you lots of money. For startup, all you need is a membership system like the ARMember which offers their clients with all the features and options that they may need to create a complete membership site. Can you imagine a WordPress membership plugin that is easy to use as well as it has a wide range of features and has high performance due to the great modern interface? Well, that is exactly what ARMember is. ARMember membership plugin is a membership software system without having any advanced knowledge of programming. It allows its members to enjoy an unlimited level of membership as well as let their users subscribe on multiple levels simultaneously. It helps one build a fully functional membership site. This membership design is very popular among users on different forums; they can lock their forums depending on the plan they create with the ARMember Membership Plugin WordPress. The following are steps on how to get started and the unique features of the WordPress ARMember plugin with Wocommarce.

Membership Plugin For WordPress

How to get started

It is very easy to join the ARMember plugin and start using it. The following are the step on how to get started with ARMember plugin;

  • First, purchase the plugin in or even download it from their website.
  • Login to your WordPress admin panel and then go to Plugins>Add New then upload the plugin zip file.
  • Activate the plugin then add the license code and you are good to go.


Membership Levels

ARMember offers their clients with different levels of membership options depending on different factors. These factors include; how long your site has been existing, how popular it is and many more. Clients will check to see if your site has been existing for a while and if not they will not register for the paid membership since they are not sure about your site performance. ARMember offers their users with an option to create an invite-only membership setup which will help you start your site. The best ways to gain clients is by inviting members with social influence and allow them to use your site for publicity. These membership levels include; one time plan, free/paid trial, finite and infinite membership and invite only membership.

Creating and Managing Membership Plans

When joining a membership plan, one should confirm about their plan management system because it may restrict you from creating different plans for your products or services. Ar Membership has got their clients covered with an easy plan management option that allows their users to quickly create different plans on your site. Users using this membership have the power to change plans for their products or services in order to attract clients. The manage you’re your member list option helps the users on the ARMember by listing their clients, proving information about the clients, their username, email addresses, membership type and the membership plan. One can also add their members manually.

Restrict your website content

The primary key to any membership word press plugin is the content restriction. Users registered under ARMembership can restrict their content on their site since they provide their members with an easy interface to manage membership plan content and covers components like pages, any custom post type, post taxonomy, navigation menu links(NAV Menu Lock) and many more. What’s more exciting is that the admin can restrict partial content by putting a shortcode for access. They also allow their users create different access rules depending on the different packages created. With these access rules, users can easily restrict some content for the paid packages and the invites only.

Unique membership setup wizard

ARMember provides their clients with a unique membership setup wizard which is capable of generating a single shortcode for the entire process. The single shortcode is generated from the process of plan selection or signs up to the payment process. Using this single shortcode, the whole process of handling the entire membership is made easier and faster.


The reason why most people are using ARMember plugin for their businesses is that it is the only subscription plugin that comes with an easy in a built facility where users can sell their products using woocomerce. Woocomerce plugin is the leading E-commerce plugin for WordPress. Users can now sell their products as Woocommerce digital products and this is an advantage because you get to choose any payment method supported by Woocomerce. This platform has add-ons for most of the payments gateway supported in the Woocommerce. With this payment method, users can still get their payments even in areas where ARMember does not support certain payments gateways. Users are encouraged to take advantage of the Woocommerce payment as it allows using the option from more than 200 available choices.

Other ARMember features include; easy member management, content restriction flexibility, multiple payment cycle per plan, unlimited plans with trial period option, multiple payment gateways, parallel membership subscriptions, multiple payment cycle per plan, periodic billing, exclusive coupon management, built-in modal forms supports, badges and achievements, captcha free anti-spam facility, buddy press integration, professional support team, translation ready and many more features. All these features found in ARMember membership plugin makes it a complete solution for the membership website. Why not register and give it a try?


Only a few numbers of WordPress plugins are comprehensive but WordPress ARMember membership plugin works as the lifeline of your membership site. It offers its users with all the best and unique that they may need when creating a successful membership site. The best part is that you will only need one plugin which will handle everything from sign up to managing payments and the plans. This is different from other sites as you would probably need many plugins to handle different activities on your website. The cost of getting started on ARMember is quite fair considering the many features you will get from using this plugin. If you are planning to create a WordPress membership site then go to the WordPress Membership Plugin ARMember.